Sunday 25 October 2015

Episode 2

As she opened the door to her house, all she could see were loads and loads of papers, unfinished articles, lots of pictures for the news .
Taking a quick shower and putting on her pyjamas she got down to work.
her tummy began to sing the most unpleasant music.
She rushed into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee while eating a packet of biscuits.
Her heart kept pacing through the shadows of her life's experiences
Why didn't I see his face ? So much for being a journalist
Immediately her phone began to ring ringggggggggggggggggggg snapping her back to reality.
Her- "Hello mummy"
Her Mom- "Sweetheart I want u to take the first flight down to Nigeria for your sister's wedding"
She hanged up
She screamed out loud NIGERIA as she became pale with fear.
Wisdom Daniels

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